iMemories: Store Your Old Photos and Videotapes Digitally – Review and Exclusive Offers

Bright Williams
Updated 9:04 am ET, June 9, 2017

Have a bunch of old photos or videotapes from your old KodaVision 2000 just sitting in a shoebox somewhere? Well that’s the same problem iMemories’ CEO and Founder, Mark Rukavina, faced before founding iMemories in 2006.

iMemories brings families and friends together by providing a single Web destination to enjoy, share and celebrate their most treasured moments captured via videos and photos. Founded in 2006, iMemories is the only Internet-based service that allows consumers to preserve and store their memories online, regardless of the original media format, and share across multiple consumer platforms, ranging from televisions and mobile phones to popular social networks and blogs. iMemories connects generations of families to their memories, from vintage home movies and photographs to modern digital videos, safely and conveniently in premium digital quality.


They do all the heavy lifting.

Have a stack of tapes the size of Mount Everest? Fear not, because iMemories will send you their SafeShip Kit (Delivered right to your door, the SafeShip Kit comes with everything you need to safely ship your priceless memories. Includes a special crush proof box, shock resistant padding, anti-static and waterproof bags. Also includes FREE shipping from your home to iMemories.) Use our special offer to save 50% on your SafeShip Kit!

iMemories photo scanning service transfers your photos and home movies to digital copies that last a lifetime, as long as they’re properly cared for. The service only provides scanning from analog to digital but makes the resulting files available for viewing and sharing online. Your scanned photographs can be put on DVD or Blu-ray disc, but there is an extra charge for this service. If you would rather have them returned to you on a portable hard drive or USB flash drive, iMemories photo scanning service can do that as well, but again, there are extra costs involved. You do get to keep the drives, though. Sizes for iMemories’ portable hard drives are either 500GB or 1TB. The flash drives it uses are available in sizes ranging from 8GB to 32GB and are priced accordingly.


Does It Sound Like A Broken Record?

If your old home video cassettes are broken, as is common with VHS and VHS-C tapes, iMemories offers a repair service. This service has a hefty fee, so make sure you actually need the repair before ordering.

Rather than have simple digital files from your scanned photographs, iMemories offers to create a video montage. It takes your digital images and creates a music video from them, complete with audio and editing. Again, this service costs extra, but it is a good way to have a lasting one-of-a-kind memory.

It’s not required to use iMemories’ analog to digital scanning services, and the company makes a cloud storage solution available to its customers. There is a monthly or yearly subscription for this service, but iMemories does offer a 30-day free trial, so you can check it out and see how well it works for your needs. The cloud storage space is unlimited, so there’s plenty of room for all of your photographs and home videos. Keep in mind that while the cloud service is private, there is always a risk that your media may fall into the wrong hands.

iMemories photo scanning service is a good choice if you’re just looking for simple photo scanning or video transfer. The company offers many storage options, but it lacks some features, such as slide and negative scanning. Using cloud storage incurs a subscription charge after the first 30 days, but it gives you peace of mind, as you have a permanent digital backup, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.


Try It For Yourself, Risk-Free For 30 Days (and use these offers to save)!

Tired of reading yet? Just see for yourself. Use our special link to visit iMemories now and try for yourself, risk-free for 30 days! Be sure to snag yourself a 50% discount on your SafeShip Box, or a 20% discount on your first digital order.

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