Google Home Will Now Track Flight Deals for You

Bright Williams
Updated 9:51 am ET, June 9, 2017
Google Home

“Ok, Google, we want a flight deal.”

As travelers, when it comes from getting from Point A to Point B, we’re always looking for the best deal. That doesn’t always mean the cheapest flight, but hey, knocking a few bucks off airfare doesn’t hurt. And while we’ve covered apps that track flight prices (Hopper) and artificial intelligence that plans your trip for you (Lola and Hipmunk), one new service is offering fare tracking without an app, website, or human interaction. That’s right: Google Flights, which launched its own fare tracker in October, is now synced with Google Home, so now all you have to do is ask—politely, we hope.

More specifically, you can now ask your Google Home assistant (which competes with Amazon’s Alexa) to see how much flights cost from your nearest airport to your dream destination, and to keep track of when flights are cheapest. Use the activation phrase “Ok, Google” and then ask “How much are flights to Paris?” Once you confirm that you want the Google-verse to alert you when flight for your date range drops, you’ll get an email with all the information you need to manage your flight tracker details, from changing the date range to the destination.

The search engine’s assistant also can answer questions about visas, the best times to visit, currency rates, and easy phrase translations. Plus, when it comes time to head to the airport, Google Home will tell you when your flight is leaving, how bad traffic will be on the drive to the airport, and help you call a an Uber or Lyft hands-free.

You can’t book the flight with your voice—you’ll have to open a real computer for that. But this will at least get you on the path to a plane. “Ok, Google. Where next?”

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