Everykey: Keep Your Passwords & Important Info Secure

Bright Williams
Updated 10:16 am ET, May 31, 2017
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The Quick And Dirty:

The Master Key to your Phone, Laptop, Website Accounts, and more. The beauty of this gadget lies in the fact that it can easily unlock your device whenever brought near to it. You won’t have to remember those complicated passwords anymore. With Everykey there, you can now control any of your access-controlled device with ease. You can also use Everykey to log into your online accounts. And the best part; if you ever lose it, you can easily remote freeze the device so that no one is able to take undue advantage of the same. Everykey manages a password keychain, which can be used to seamlessly log you into your website accounts when you’re around. It can generate a secure and random password for you the first time you sign up for a website account. Everykey has a variety of safety features that work together to keep your information safe. Each time Everykey broadcasts an encrypted Bluetooth 4.0 message, it is non-deterministic and pseudorandom. Device passwords are never stored on an Everykey server or product. All of these features together make Everykey secure and safer than what you use today. Accessing all your mobile devices as well as your online accounts just became easier!

Proximity comes into play too. If you walk away and take the EveryKey with you, it logs out of everything you’re doing, locking your laptop, phone or other password protected devices in the same moment, and logs back in again when you get near – you can even adjust the distance yourself using the companion app.

Of course the EveryKey itself could become the point of vulnerability in this chain, but it doesn’t store anything. The passwords themselves are held on the respective devices in a secure, encrypted format and are only unlocked with the Bluetooth device. If you lose it or someone steals it in an attempt to crack into your devices, you can remotely freeze it and use old passwords while it’s disabled until you find it or get a new one.


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