How I learned to code professionally for just $10

Bright Williams
Updated 2:40 pm ET, May 30, 2017

I have something to confess. Before founding DealDepot, my coding skills were…lacking. It was my biggest shame as a tech enthusiast. Coding is a critical skill these days—whether you’re building a personal website, assembling a professional portfolio, or striving for a promotion at work. Learning to code can be a lonely, confusing, and tedious process, but online learning programs have sprung up to make coding education accessible to everyone, even those with absolutely no coding experience or knowledge.

Udemy: A One Stop Shop for Online Courses

Finding an affordable, reliable means for professional development courses online can be trying. Some online universities can be a wise option, but the price they charge might be astounding. There are other options available, though. One of these options is Udemy, a one-stop shop for online courses of all kinds.

What is Udemy?

Udemy pairs together expert instructors with students looking to improve various skills. They offer a huge range of topics from learning to code, Photoshop training, learning music and many many more. There are currently over 30,000 courses on Udemy. What I like about Udemy is their one-time fee per subject, some topics range from $200 to $350, but for a limited time, you can grab any course for just $10 by clicking here. This is exactly the same coupon I used to grab my courses for extremely cheap.





Learning Styles

Udemy is not necessarily the best idea for people who need a lot of guidance in teaching. Most of the courses follow a self-teaching module. Therefore, many students can register for the same course, which means the experts leading the course might have to split their attention multiple ways. Therefore, they may not be able to devote individual attention to a student who cannot start off with teaching themselves alone.

Quality of Courses

Most of the courses claim to be worthwhile, especially given their four and five-star ratings that were previously mentioned. Udemy has certain quality standards that courses must meet to be published through their marketplace. Therefore, a course quality assurance team exists to make sure all courses meet these standards.


Udemy is a platform worth considering for people who are looking to add on to skills they already have. For professional use, it takes time to become a professional programmer, but with Udemy and some self-determination, it’s totally possible. Take advantage of this limited offer and GET ANY COURSE FOR JUST $10 BY CLICKING HERE.

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